NFC Championship Game Preview

Can the Falcons get into the Super Bowl for the second time in the Franchise history?

This NFL season is arguably the most unpredictable season in the history of the NFL.  Nobody anticipated that the Green Bay Packers would face the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC championship. In fact, nobody anticipated these two teams would play for the NFC championship at the start of the playoffs. Both teams have exceeded expectations and helped make this NFL season an unforgettable one.  That being said, only one team will headline the Super Bowl.

The Packers had a difficult time getting into the playoffs, with doubt during the season if the Packers would make it. During the season fans and NFL analyst criticized the performance of Packer’s Quarterback  Aaron Rodgers, with many feeling he was not the same player he was in seasons prior.  The Packers with their playoff hopes threated during week 11, would complete the season winning every game and Rodgers would make a case for MVP consideration as well.  Getting into the Wildcard, they would beat the Giants in dominate fashion. Then the Packers would upset the Dallas Cowboys, who many felt would be in the Super Bowl. The Packers has overcome all the odds and are close to being in the Super Bowl once again.

The Falcons had an impressive season, which caught many be surprise. The Falcons always had the talent, but always seemed to fall short to becoming Super Bowl contenders.   Throughout the season the Falcons had one of the worst defenses in the NFL, being ranked 25th in the league.  However, they are ranked the 2nd best offense in the league. Quarterback Matt Ryan is a strong candidate for MVP for the season and is making his case as a top tier QB in the NFL. Wide Receiver Julio Jones has also made his case for one of the best receivers in the NFL, having the 2nd best receiving yards in the league.  The Falcons have shocked many, but getting into the Super Bowl would really make their season an exceptional one.

Both teams have surprised everyone and have exceeded beyond their expectations from the start of the season. The Packers would become underdogs and fight their way to the Conference Championship. The Falcons would overcome the weakness of their defense, by having an incredible offense. The Falcons have the better offense, but the question remains how will their defense hold up against the Packers. Aaron Rodgers will look to take advantage of the Falcons defense, but Ryan may have more difficulty with the Packer defense.  Another question is with the injuries and the games to get to the Conference Championship go against the Packers? Key players like Jordy Nelson and Devonte Adams are still questionable to play, with players like Clay Mathews being banged up. Just like the season, the NFC Championship game is unpredictable and that is what makes this game exciting.

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