Are the Raiders Super Bowl Contenders?


Is it time to start thinking about another championship coming to Oakland?

The Oakland Raiders are on a roll in the NFL and have become arguably the most improved team of the season. Led by Quarterback and MVP candidate Derek Carr, the Raiders are 9-2 and are at the top of the AFC West. They are also tied with the New England Patriots as the best team in the AFC. So how did they get so good?

Derek Carr is making the argument as one of the best Quarterbacks under thirty years old. He has thrown for 22 touchdowns for the season and has only threw 5 interceptions for the year so far. He is also on track to possible have over four thousand passing yards for the season. He has shown to also be a clutch player by winning the majority of close games heading into the fourth quarter.

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Carr also has offensive weapons like Latavius Murray, Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree, with Crabtree having 6 touchdowns and 711 yards. The Oakland raiders offensive line has also improved, giving Carr more opportunities to make a play. The only downside for the Raiders is their defense, which is slowly starting to improve. Their defense needs to improve, but the raiders having Khalil Mack has been the step in the right direction. Mack is a big time defensive player and will only continue to get better.

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The Raiders have a serious chance to potential be playing in the Super Bowl this season. Things can still change before the season is over, but critics can no longer doubt this team. Other than their great offense, they also have a mentality to win at all cost. This mentality the Raiders have, is what makes this team so dangerous. Their aren’t many teams in the NFL that has the same mentality, which has helped become one of the best teams in clutch moments. As of now, the only team standing in their way of the playoffs is the Patriots. Although the Patriots defense is not the same as they were last season, which with the Raiders offense can be a disadvantage. The Raiders chances to be in the Super Bowl are legit and with how they are playing the could possibly give the Bay another championship team.

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