UFC 211: Stipe Miocic gets his Revenge


Stipe Miocic avenges his loss to Junior Dos Santos at UFC 211.

Miocic last loss was to Junior Dos Santos, which helped him become a better fighter and eventually led to Miocic winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Dos Santos would have set backs from injuries and opponents dropping out of fights. After Dos Santos fight with Stefan Struve fell through, it gave Dos Santos a chance to fight for the championship and gave Miocic a chance to avenge his loss.’

In the Main Event of UFC 211, Miocic put the pressure on Dos Santos early in the fight. Miocic was able to get Dos Santos to back up against the cage and would land huge strikes to the head.  Dos Santos was able to hurt Miocic with leg kicks, which the commentary team pointed out would be threat to Miocic ability to fight at his best. Miocic would continue to pressure Dos Santos and would keep catching Dos Santos, as Dos Santos kept circling away from the cage. Dos Santos took one shot too many and Miocic would knockout Dos Santos in the first round.

Miocic win over Dos Santos is his 2nd successful title defense and his 5th straight win. Miocic didn’t call anyone out after the fight, but the Heavyweight Division is in a interesting place. Cain Velazquez is someone that can be next in line for a title fight, but has problems staying healthy. Francis Ngannou is also someone that can be next in line for a title fight as well. For now, Miocic win over Dos Santos ties for the most successful title defense in the Heavyweight Division and propels Miocic into consideration as one of the best Heavyweights ever in the UFC.

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