Bellator 170 Preview: Ortiz vs Sonnen

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Who will have the last word this weekend?

This Saturday free on Spike TV Bellator 170 will feature two bitter rivals Tito “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Ortiz  vs Chael “The American Gangster” Sonnen in the Main Event.  Both fighters have trash talked one another while promoting the fight and feel they will be victorious decisively. This fight will be Sonnen’s debut in Bellator and will be Ortiz last fight of his career.  Both Ortiz and Sonnen want to leave their mark this weekend, but only one will get their hand raised.

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Ortiz is a legend in MMA and helped make the sport mainstream to the general public. Once the biggest star in the UFC, Ortiz would leave in 2014 and become a bigger draw for Bellator. Ortiz has helped get attention and revenue for Bellator, while also reinventing his career. At 41 years old he is still incredibly strong and a threat on the ground, with his Jujitsu and ground and pound. Bellator 170 will mark the end of an era for the pioneer, but Ortiz wants to go out with a blaze of glory. Win or lose, Bellator 170 will be a night to remember for Ortiz fans.

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Sonnen is one of the most charismatic combat athlete arguably of all time. Before Conor McGregor, their was Sonnen and he was very influential to how to promote  fights today in MMA.  Sonnen hasn’t fought since 2013 and 39 years old wants to make his mark in his debut at Bellator 170. Like Ortiz, Sonnen is dangerous on the ground and dominate his opponent.  The question going into this Saturday is with a long hiatus from fighting, how will Sonnen react in the fight.

Their are many questions going into the fight Saturday. People question has the time off Sonnen has work against him and what the mindset of Ortiz will be in his last fight? Ortiz has been more active, with his last fight being for the Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship.  Ortiz also is the bigger and stronger fighter. However, Sonnen is still a fantastic wrestler having a Greco Roman Wrestling background.  If he takes Ortiz down, Ortiz has problems fighting on his back and defending transitions on the ground.  Sonnen also has great cardio and the time off can also be positive, because Sonnen will be the fresher fighter.

Their are many factors going into the fight, that won’t be answered until the fight happens. I think Ortiz will start the fight off strong, but Sonnen will take Ortiz down and try to keep him on the ground. Sonnen also has great Jujitsu and Ortiz can be submitted, but Sonnen can also work for a decision due to his cardio.  Ortiz will be hard to deal with, but Sonnen will control the fight and dominate Ortiz for a Unanimous Decision.

Prediction: Sonnen wins by Unanimous Decision


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