UFC 213 Preview: Romero vs Whittaker

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Who will walk away from UFC 213 the Interim Middleweight Champion?

The UFC Middleweight Division is in a interesting place heading into UFC 213. The UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping was supposed to fight the returning George St. Pierre. However, Pierre eye problems and Bisping knee injury has prevented the fight from coming together. In the meantime, the Division has gained multiple contenders that are worthy of a championship fight. The two fighters in the Division that stand out are Yoel “The Soldier of God” Romero and Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker, who will fight this Saturday for the Interim Middleweight Championship.

Romero has been in the conversation of fighting for the Middleweight Championship for some time now. Romero is currently on an 8 fight win streak and hasn’t even lost a fight in the UFC. At the age of 40, Romero has one of the best physique in the UFC and is also the most athletically gifted fighter in the UFC. As well as being a Silver Medal Olympic wrestler, Romero has continued to get better with his striking and has several Knockout victories. With wins over names like Chris Weidman, Tim Kennedy and Ronaldo Souza, is Whittaker next?

Whittaker has found his home in the Middleweight Division. At 26 years old, Whittaker has climbed up the stacked Middleweight Division and did so in impressive fashion. Currently on a 6 fight win streak in the the Division, Whittaker is on the cusp of becoming a star. Whittaker is a great striker and has incredible power in his hands to knock people out, especially with his knockout win over Derek Brunson. What’s also impressive is his Takedown Defense, having the highest percentage of avoiding being taken down currently in the UFC at 91%(according to UFC.com). Can Whittaker avoid being taken down by a  Silver Medal Olympic wrestler?

The Co-Main Event of UFC 213 has the making of a great fight and could be the Fight of the Night. Both Romero and Whittaker are coming into this fight on an incredible win streak and has left no doubt why they are fighting for the Interim Middleweight Championship. Whittaker is the young and hungry fighter, looking to be the UFC first Australian champion. While Romero is looking to add to his legacy of accomplishments and leave UFC 213 with gold on his waist. Who will walk out of the Octagon the new UFC Interim Middleweight Champion and make history?


Written by Tyriece Simon

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UFC 213 Preview: Werdum vs Overeem

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Who will win the rubber match at UFC 213?

At UFC 213, MMA Heavyweight legends Allistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum will fight in a rubber match years in the making. They would face each other in Pride and Strikeforce, while never facing each other in the UFC. However, this fight couldn’t have happened at a better time. With Werdum ranked #1 in the UFC Heavyweight Division and Overeem ranked #3, this rubber match has a lot more at stake. Both are close to challenging for the UFC Heavyweight Championship and a win could make them the next contender.  Who will end the chapter of the rivalry that has span over a decade.

At age 38, Werdum is not only one of the best Heavyweights in the UFC currently, but possibly in all of MMA. It was just two years ago when Werdum was on a five fight win streak and defeated Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Werdum lost his championship to Stipe Miocic and has had problems getting fights, because of his opponents being injured, dealing with his own injuries and fights failing to come together. Still, Werdum is still a threat in the Heavyweight Division and is chasing a rematch for the championship that he lost. Werdum has a submission victory over Overeem back in their fight in Pride in 2006, where they fought for the first time. Werdum will look to finish what he started back in 2006 and move closer to reclaiming what he still thinks is his.

In the UFC Heavyweight Division, Overeem is still one of the best strikers in the UFC. Coming off a Knockout victory over Mark Hunt, Overeem proved he can still get it done and Knockout anyone in the Heavyweight Division. Overeem fought for the Heavyweight Championship against Miocic and came close to finishing Miocic. At age 37, Overeem wants to get back into a championship fight and win the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Overeem defeated Werdum back in 2011 in Strikeforce by Decision and will look to be victorious once again at UFC 213.

It’s rare in combat sports that a rivalry can be built up for over a decade and at UFC 213 fans will see the culmination of Overeem vs Werdum. Both fighters are almost in their 40’s, but are still the elite in the Heavyweight Division. Werdum has become a better striker since the last time they fought, but can Werdum stand with Overeem? Overeem has improved his approach to fighting and has shown to be more patient looking for opportunities to land a Knockout. With the way Overeem been fighting, will Overeem be too hesitant against Werdum? This rubber match will be different from the fights Overeem and Werdum had against each other. Both fighters have changed and improved, with a win at UFC 213 having title contender implications. UFC 213 will mark the end of a decade long rivalry, who will be the one to end it?

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UFC 213 Preview: Pettis vs Miller

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Can Showtime bounce back in the Lightweight Division?

On July 8, the UFC will feature its Pay Per View Event UFC 213.  UFC 213 will feature two championship fights and a possible title contender fight between Allistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum, with the opener being Anthony “Showtime” Pettis vs Jim Miller. It wasn’t too long ago that the former Lightweight Champion Pettis was featured in the Main Event of a Pay Per View. However, Pettis is in a interesting point in his career, needing to pick up a win in the UFC Lightweight Division. In his way is Jim Miller, a veteran and tough fighter looking to derail Pettis from climbing up the ranks.

Once considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the UFC, Pettis has become lost in the shuffle. Pettis lost his UFC Lightweight Championship back in 2015 against Rafael Dos Anjos, in a fight Pettis was completely dominated. Pettis would lose two more fights in the Lightweight Division against Eddie Alvarez and Edson Barboza, which Pettis would decide to try to change weight class and dropped to the UFC Featherweight Division. In Pettis first fight in the Featherweight Division, Pettis would defeat Charles Oliveira by Submission in a tough fight. The weight cut proved to be challenging, as Pettis would miss weight and lose in the Interim UFC Featherweight Championship fight against Max Holloway by TKO.  Now 30 years old, Pettis is still in his prime and is looking make his return to the Lightweight Division.

Miller has been fighting in the UFC since 2008 and at age 33 is still at the top of his game. Although currently Miller isn’t ranked in the Lightweight Division, Miller can still get it done and has won 3 of his last 4 fights. Miller lost his last fight by Majority Decision against Dustin Poirier at UFC 208, but the fight was still a gritty fight and would win Fight of the Night. Being a well rounded fighter on the feet with his striking and on the ground with his jujitsu, Miller is the perfect test for Pettis return to the Lightweight Division.

The opener for UFC 213 is a interesting fight in an already stacked Lightweight Division. Pettis fight against Miller, will help determine if Pettis can still get it done at the highest level in the Lightweight Division. If Pettis can get by Miller, Pettis can get back on track and aim for a future title fight. For Miller, a win would help get him ranked in the Lightweight Division and open more opportunities.  Both fighters are going into UFC 213 looking to take a big step forward in the Lightweight Division, however one of them will have to reevaluate their future moving forward in their MMA career.


written by Tyriece Simon

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